This post is dedicated for those that has just graduated from their UX design bootcamp.

Me giving comments on student’s presentation

Sharing my industry experience to UX design students

I am the guy on the far right

How did you first enter into Expereince Design?

Tips on First Steps/Interviews

Interview with Sally Li — UX/UI Designer at CASETiFY

  • How she survive her first month in a startup while feeling completely overwhelmed
  • How the real…

Interview with Anindita Saha — Senior Service Design Lead

  • How Anindita discovered UX and the exact…

Instead of blindly following someone else’s.

An illustration of a group of people chatting



Types of work

  1. Business project — This is the kind of work that customer will pay you to do
  2. Internal project — Customer don’t pay you to do this kind of work. but these type…

Tim Chan

UX designer from Hong Kong. Obsessed about Micro-interactions and Product Design.

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