How to grow knowledge for your UX team

Benefits of a Decision Log

A decision log helps us to:

  • Remember things — When we write decisions down, we made sure we will have a reliable source of truth we can always refer back to it without forgetting it
  • Save time — By documenting what worked and what doesn’t, we made sure future designers will not waste time exploring dead-ends
  • Avoid going into circles — When we are exploring design options, it is easy to go back to square one and forget why we discarded it. When decisions is clearly documented, we made sure this won’t happen
  • Past on knowledge to others — When knowledge is written down, we are slowly building a library of knowledge where everyone can benefit and absorb it on demand

How to create a Decision Log

A decision log is a simple one pager document that sits inside the project folder. It has 3 components:

  • Screenshot
  • Decisions made
  • Rationale


As agile development and the introduction of Sprint has became the norm in every technology company, people seems to forget the true essence of the methodology is to learn quickly, not just do things quickly. The most efficient way to record and pass on that learning is to write it down. I hope you give this method a try and I can’t wait to hear from you the results!



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Tim Chan

Tim Chan

UX designer from Hong Kong. Obsessed about Micro-interactions and Product Design.