From Auditor to Service Designer — How to become a designer with no design background in Hong Kong

Interview with Anindita Saha — Senior Service Design Lead

Discovering UX

How did you get into UX?

What was the job market like at the time?

What made you decide to learn more about UX?

How did you know UX is right for you?

Why did you take a UX course?

Facing self-doubt

How did you overcome imposer syndrome — the feeling that you not qualified as a UX designer?

On job search

What was your job search strategy at that time?

Tip: DO NOT discard your previous experience

How did you get your first UX job?

What was your mindset for interviewing?

Startup vs Corporate — What should UX newbies choose?

Closing thoughts

How do you embrace the unknown and commit to UX?

Any advice for people looking to follow a similar career path with no exposure to UX in their current job?

What’s next?

UX designer from Hong Kong. Obsessed about Micro-interactions and Product Design.