How to prepare for the real UX job after the design bootcamp

Interview with Sally Li — UX/UI Designer at CASETiFY

Discovering UX

How did you get into UX?

Settling in

How did your first month in CASETiFY felt like?

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What kind of help did you seek from the community?

How did you introduce the design process to your company?

Does everybody know what a UX designer do in your company?

Theory vs Reality

How is the real world different from the design bootcamp?

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What new skills have you learned in a job that are not taught in the bootcamp?

How do I obtain those soft-skills when I haven’t work in a real design job yet?

On growing

How do you become more influential in the company?

How would you encourage a shy designer to become more involved and understand how the business works?

What else do you think would a UX designer should learn?

Closing thoughts

What advice you would give yourself a year ago when you were in the design bootcamp?

How would you sell a big idea such as running a workshop to the company?

Vision for UXwanabe

UX designer from Hong Kong. Obsessed about Micro-interactions and Product Design.