How to prepare for the real UX job after the design bootcamp

Interview with Sally Li — UX/UI Designer at CASETiFY

Discovering UX

How did you get into UX?

Settling in

How did your first month in CASETiFY felt like?

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What kind of help did you seek from the community?

How did you introduce the design process to your company?

Does everybody know what a UX designer do in your company?

Theory vs Reality

How is the real world different from the design bootcamp?

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What new skills have you learned in a job that are not taught in the bootcamp?

How do I obtain those soft-skills when I haven’t work in a real design job yet?

On growing

How do you become more influential in the company?

How would you encourage a shy designer to become more involved and understand how the business works?

One thing that’s very important to remind yourself is that there’s no stupid questions.

What else do you think would a UX designer should learn?

Closing thoughts

What advice you would give yourself a year ago when you were in the design bootcamp?

How would you sell a big idea such as running a workshop to the company?

Vision for UXwanabe

Mature UX market = Lots of mature UX organization + Lots of mature UX designers + Lots of UX opportunities

UX designer from Hong Kong. Obsessed about Micro-interactions and Product Design.